Saturday, June 26, 2010

Red Carpet Quotes: “Eclipse” Starts Talk about Robert Pattinson


Here are several quotes from the stars that walked the red carpet at last night’s Eclipse premiere in LA. We added the quotes about Robert Pattinson below and you can head over to the source for the rest. My very favourite is Peter Facinelli’s quote about Rob’s poker skills. Which one’s your favourite? Let us know in the comments section.

R.Pattz fever is a lot louder than George Clooney fever. The younger girls are a little louder.”
—Anna Kendrick on whose fans are more intense, Rob’s or George Clooney’s.

“The film better be good! [Jokingly] Um, people have just gotta sleep with me…then they’ll know!”
—Robert Pattinson when asked to explain fans’ obsessions with him
It was intense in the tent! It was always a little awkward, especially when I’m shirtless and he’s, like, grabbing my chest because he’s mad at me…[Laughs.] It’s a little weird.”
—Taylor Lautner on the tent scene he and Rob have in Eclipse

“I don’t think he really knows how to play that well, which is why I keep inviting him back.”
—Peter Facinelli when asked how Robert Pattinson does at the celeb poker games he organizes

“I’m like, ‘Relax he’s just a person!’”
—Bryce Dallas Howard after revealing her father, director Ron Howard, constantly asks her about Robert Pattinson


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