Thursday, June 3, 2010

Robert Pattinson Featured in USA Today’s Celebrity Heat Index



The newsmakers of May are entering a new month. From new mom Sandra Bullock sharing Mother's Day weekend with baby Louis to Bret Michaels surviving a brain hemorrhage and warning stroke, famous figures are moving on to the next phases of their lives. Here are the names atop USA TODAY's Celebrity Heat Index for May, compiled from a measure of media exposure.

1. Sandra Bullock, 516. Mother's Day weekend finds her in son Louis' hometown of New Orleans. She's proceeding with life as a single parent after filing for divorce from Jesse James.

2. Kim Kardashian, 385. As bikini season arrives, tabloids operate on the idea that the more of her they can show, the more issues they can sell.

3. Kendra Wilkinson, 339. This reality TV star has the key to getting media attention: a previously unreleased sex tape circa pre-engagement days.

4. Robert Pattinson, 315. Hype starts building up to the June release of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse with a cast appearance on Oprah Winfrey's show.

5. Heidi Montag, 256. It's all about the personal drama: From her multiple plastic surgeries to her family ties, she catches heat.

6. Bret Michaels, 248. From a brain hemorrhage to warning stroke, health scares persist for this rocker turned reality TV star, but he ends May winning NBC's Celebrity Apprentice.

7. Kristen Stewart, 243. What's that? Did someone say The Twilight Saga: Eclipse again?

8. Halle Berry, 232. She is back on the singles market after breaking up with model Gabriel Aubry, the father of her daughter, Nahla.

9. Lindsay Lohan, 206. The actress makes a top 10 Heat Index comeback, going from parties at the Cannes Film Festival to a Los Angeles courtroom within a week.

10. Jennifer Aniston, 181. At work or at play in Hawaii, where she is shooting a new film, this actress always sizzles.


Top actress: Sandra Bullock Runner-up: Kristen Stewart
Hollywood mom Bullock reigns as hottest in this category, as vampire movie hottie Stewart moves up the index.

Top actor: Robert Pattinson Runner-up: John Travolta
Both actors have new projects: Pattinson is working on the film Water for Elephants, while Travolta's wife, Kelly Preston, has a baby on the way.

Top musician: Bret Michaels Runner-up: Mariah Carey
Every "rose has its thorn" for Michaels, who wins over Donald Trump on Celebrity Apprentice but has faced health scares along the way, while tabloids make Carey's figure a weighty issue.

Top reality star: Kim Kardashian Runner-up: Kendra Wilkinson
We find out that these two have more things in common than previously thought: hot bikini photos and a sex tape.

Top athlete: Hank Baskett Runner-up: Evan Lysacek
Baskett's wife, Wilkinson, deals with a sex-tape controversy, while Olympic figure skater Lysacek struts his stuff and works his way to runner-up on Dancing With the Stars.


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