Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Breaking Dawn gets them excited for entirely different reasons

Robert Pattinson and Kristen are both pretty excited about their last segment of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight which has been broken down into two movies, ‘Breaking Dawn 1 & 2’ to accommodate all the 756 pages of Meyer’s imagination.

But both the stars are excited for totally two different reasons while Kristen is upbeat about her character in the movie where she will be turning into a vampire, marrying Edward and giving birth to daughter Renesmee.

As she had earlier said “She is eagerly waiting for the time when she would be shooting as a vampire and she believes that Bella is gonna be the coolest vampire in the entire series.”

Now Kristen’s excitement understood it’s now Rob’s turn.

Pattinson is excited about ‘Breaking Dawn’ because now he can return Stewart’s favor or her disservice to him when he used to crib about wearing all the makeup and the lenses for the shoot and how Kristen didn’t show an iota of sympathy for his ordeal.

And now that Stewart will be turning a vampire and would have to wear all that makeup and lenses he is pretty sure Stewart will constantly crib about it and he is determined that even he will not show any sympathy towards the actress and see her suffer through.

Well what can we say have fun both you guys.


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