Thursday, July 1, 2010

Robert Pattinson Makes it to No. 2 on USA Today’s Celebrity Heat Index

For the fourth consecutive month, Sandra Bullock reigns as the top Hollywood newsmaker, according to USA TODAY's Celebrity Heat Index, which measures media exposure. In June, she appeared at the Spike TV Awards, MTV Movie Awards and a Nashville benefit concert. USA TODAY runs down the top stars for June.
Top 10 newsmakers in June and their scores:

1. Sandra Bullock 420 After months of lying low, the actress publicly acknowledges her tabloid-queen status and urges everyone to move on.

2. Robert Pattinson 315 O happy day. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse finally opens today after weeks of hype surrounding its stars.


3. Kristen Stewart 314 See No. 2.

4. Angelina Jolie 296 Images of her relaxing in Malibu, Calif., make just as many headlines as her goodwill missions.

5. Jake Pavelka 248 This bachelor's story doesn't have a fairy-tale ending after all; he splits with the reality-show winner.

(tie) Vienna Girardi 248 She won The Bachelor on reality TV but lost him in real life.

7. Brad Pitt 208 He hits the beach in Malibu. Period.

8. Gary Coleman 200 After his unexpected death in late May, the battle over his estate begins.

9. Jennifer Aniston 197 Bikini shots, a possible reunion with an ex and a love interest: same headlines, different month.

10. Ali Fedotowski 185 From The Bachelor to The Bachelorette, she works the fame-seeking machine.


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