Thursday, July 15, 2010

Robert Pattinson-Taylor Lautner – Would you really fall for a vampire or werewolf in real life?

The entire group of weaker sex has gone the weakest ever since the advent of the Twilight hunks in the industry. The supernatural creatures have been immensely popular among the young fans, especially the gals.

It is weird but true that gals go gaga over some fanged blood-suckers, okay…may be the sexy and hot things. But suppose a lady is given an option to have a vampire or a werewolf as the man in her life, do you think she would ever agree?

Or will Twilight’s popularity would make her say yes? Ahem…

Thanks to Robert, Taylor, Summit Entertainments, Stephenie Meyer and the entire team of Twilight Saga for making the franchise such a mammoth success. It has been an experience, a phenomenon for the Twihards who actually drool over the fictional characters, Edward and Jacob. There are tiffs over who is better among the two. Though Edward often outclasses Jacob, the latter has proved his oomph in the latest flick, Eclipse.

Probably it is the hysteria of the Twilight Saga that has kicked off the trend to love a vampire or a werewolf. The concepts of these supernatural creatures have changed and the focus has shifted from being scary to sexy. Teens and young adults take the blood-suckers as hot bodes and they don’t see an issue falling in love with one in real life.


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