Wednesday, August 25, 2010

“Bel Ami” UK Official Update

We have received the following official update regading Bel Ami’s UK release via our partner project Bel Ami Movie UK. Don’t forget to visit the site for future official updates.

If you repost this update please source Bel Ami Movie UK.

Regarding officially released stills: there will be more but not for a few months as the film is way off being finished. The same is true of the promotional poster. Once these items become available they will certainly send them to us.

There is currently no fixed time scale for the release of this info.

Our official sources are very hopeful there will be a UK premiere, however a date has yet to be set for this. Once more info is clarified they will pass it on to us.

There is still no distributor for the 3 remaining areas.

They are very happy with the interest and will keep us updated.


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