Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New article: Vampires Dominate Popular Culture

A recent Vancouver Sun article discusses the popularity of vampires within today’s media including several mentions of Stephenie Meyer’s The Twilight Saga series. So while we’re waiting for Breaking Dawn it looks like we’ll have plenty of other vampire movies to sink our teeth into.

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Hollywood has repeatedly peddled the apocalyptic threat from aliens, machines, comets, viruses and zombies, but who was watching the vampires?

Never exactly absent from the entertainment scene, those eternal bloodsuckers lately have infiltrated everything from big screens and little screens to bookstore shelves, clothing racks, download services, video games and video, record and jewelry stores.

The low-budget Fox/New Regency Twilight parody Vampires Suck grossed $20 million in its first six days, and five million regular viewers rabidly follow HBO’s newest hit, True Blood, as it swoops toward its Season 3 finale Sept. 12. Meanwhile, Justin Cronin’s The Passage, Stephenie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn and Charlaine Harris’s Dead and Gone hover on bestseller lists.

These charming, deadly immortals are everywhere. And as a result, they’re spilling as much green as red — about $7 billion US since the Twilight film franchise bowed in less than two years ago, according to Hollywood Reporter estimates.


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