Saturday, October 30, 2010

“Breaking Dawn” Scheduled to Film in Rio (Brazil) this November

According to Sér­gio Sá Leitão from Rio Filme, Breaking Dawn will be filming in Rio (Brazil) this November. If accurate then the scenes to be filmed are most likely going to be the Isle Esme honeymoon scenes and you can read his translated tweets below.

“Break­ing Dawn will be filmed in Rio. In Novem­ber. With the sup­port of Rio Film Com­mi­sion. For secu­rity rea­sons, I can’t say when or where.”

“The mayor Eduardo Paes and gov­er­nor Sér­gio Cabral were directly involved in get­ting Break­ing Dawn to be filmed in Rio.“

“An esti­mated invest­ment of U.S. $2 mil­lion into the Rio’s econ­omy.

“Appar­ently every­thing con­firmed for Break­ing Dawn’s team to film here“

“I can’t say any­thing else. Count on your under­stand­ing.“

“All secu­rity mea­sures are being taken to allow a calm shoot. Rio’s Gov­ern­ment will pro­vide all the sup­port necessary”


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