Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Welcome to Robert Pattinson book club!

Move over Jane Austen book club or even ' Letters to Juliet' ... enroll yourself in actor Robert Pattinson' s book club!

Hollywood actor Robert Pattinson is undoubtedly the youth icon and oneof the most popular heartthrobs of today. The ' Twilight' stunner; fondlyknown as Rob, R-Patz and vampire Edward Cullen by billions has almostevery second thing named after him today.

Reason being, every one wants a piece of the actor!

Rapper 50 Cent too had declared that he won' t mind approachingTwilight actor Robert Pattinson to join his rap group G-Unit. He said, " The hunk would be a great addition to the band because of his success with the ladies."

Robert Pattinson is even the inspiration behind Marks & Spencer's new line of underwear for men. Aptly named the R-Pant, the slim-fit, low- rise collection of briefs and shorts have been created to be worn easily underneath skinny jeans.

The actor has now motivated his fans to form a book club of him, called Robert Pattinson book club which is an initiative of his official fan community.

The book club is dedicated to his forthcoming film ' Bel Ami' , highly awaited as it will see Rob romance hottie Uma Thurman. The film isbased on the book by the same name by Guy de Maupassant. The fans will now read the book, before the film releases and discuss the content and Rob' s character online!

Move over Jane Austen book club, it' s Rob all the way!


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