Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kristen’s “Breaking Dawn” Double Talks About Robert Pattinson

Roberta Thaise, who was Kristen Stewart’s double on the Breaking Dawn set in Brazil, talked about working with Rob and Kristen and you can check out her comments below.

Last Mon­day (9), Roberta and Raphael (Rob’s dou­ble) filmed a roman­tic scene at a water­fall in Paraty, Rio, that lasted about 12 hours. The crew and cast are there since Mon­day (9), because accord­ing the orig­i­nal story that’s the trop­i­cal scenery of Edward and Bella’s honeymoon. Roberta says that, when the two actors arrived to film at Marina da Glória, Kris­ten shook her hand and Robert thanked her with a sweet “thank you”. “Since I don’t speak Eng­lish, I didn’t try to answer. They are really fast to film, no work at all”, says Roberta. “We all want to take pic­tures and ask for auto­graphs, but we can’t. They were really nice. Kris­ten is a lot pret­tier in person”.


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