Sunday, November 8, 2009

People Magazine on Romantic Robert Pattinson

People Magazine say: "Don't Call Robert Pattinson a Loverboy"

People Magazine say that Robert Pattinson is not a "romantic" as people think. He admits "I can't think of a single romantic thing I ever done."
Robert Pattinson tells People that a small gesture that I say is/was romantic. "I would never sernade someone to be romantic-you have to have so much balls to do that. I put a flower in someone's locker when I was 15 years old, this gril called Maria. She thought that it was someone else and the other guy claimed it as well, which was great." (I say poor Rob)
Rob tells People how he believes the story line of New Moon, to be released November 20,2009 (this month!!!), is a "true" romantic story.
Once Again it mentions the romance between Rob and Kristen (Stewart) but once again (lol) nothing is confirmed!

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