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What Vanity Fair had to say

I got my Vanity Fair Magazine and I want to share what it says with you so here it is!

The Magazine Vanity Fair with the issue featuring Robert Pattinson, starts off talking about how crazed the fan are for Robert Pattinson at Comic Con 2009 in San Deigo. "The moderator's voice reverberates dramatically throught the darkend hall, 'And Now...' the shrieking begins, deafening, glass-braking, amusing for about three seconds, until it becomes excruiating. The modertor contuines with a joke 'What would you do if I said 'That's it, thanks for comming?' '' If I was there I would say HA! VERY ANGRY! lol "The monderator relents, however, and intoroduces the cast members of New Moon, as they take the stage to increasingly loud rounds of applause: Ashley Green, Kristen Stewart and Talyor Lautner. 'I think we have one more backstage' he says at last" "Robert Pattinson in jeans and a well-worn flannel shirt over a t-shirt, ambles on stage with a pleasant but befuddled smile and some friendly waving." WOW thats soo hott!!!

It goes on about the girl fans begin to scream and holding on to eachother for support so they don't faint. It explains how nerves he gets and how every move he makes the crowed goes wild. I would too.

Vanity Fair says he is the Leo (DiCaprio) of today. Robert Pattinson has not been "working his way through supermodels" like DiCaprio, he has been living out if suitcases for about a year. "He has been feeling over whelmed, self-conscious, and guilty." He states "I'm trying not to drown." Which is hard when your considered a Hreat Throb. Most Heart Throb have a difficulty time living a life. As we all know for him it has been really hard with all the paparazzi following him everytime he steps one toe out his hotel room. I mean gotta feel for the guy. Far as I can see it He is taking it rather well. Keeping true to himself. I never seen an actor abel to handle it better than Rob. "What makes the lavish attention more awkward is that he believes he hasn't done antyhing to deserve it" says VF. Well Rob you brought the so called perfect Man from Stephanie Myers, Twilight Saga's Edward Cullen to life! I mean really, you deserve every bit of this, only I wish you had more privacy, but it goes with the job of Heart Throb, I guess.

Rob admits "I am bearbly self-conscious about stuff." While in New York over the summer filming Remember Me, he was hounded by paparazzi and fans. He said he was worried that his "ass crack" was going to show. Well Rob but we got your underwear!

Vanity Fair says our Rob is a nerd. "He is never seen without a book in his hand, or a piece of music on his mind, or a movie he wants to share" says his colleagues. He worries if he is doing the part correctly to everyone expectations. I think we can say yes Rob! Fantastic!

Vanity Fair tells us how he became an actor as we all should know by now, if you don't know OMG WHAT PLANET YOU LIVE ON??? He grew up in London, England with his two parents and sister. He started acting at Barns Theater Club. His Parents weren't "Stage" parents as VF says but they are really into is fame. "His mother will frequently call to weigh in on the picture of him." "I like that new shirt your wearing!" Rob simply replies "Um, thanks." (lol)

VF tells how Rob got to be Edward, from plays to Harry Potter. But when he was cast to be in a movie with Reese Witherspoon his part was cut out. Rob says "Tom Sturridge and I...we had scenes right next to eachother and it was both our first job...We went to the screening." "Because we had no idea what we were doing we were 'like acting' or watever-we-had no idea and we watched Tom's scene"" When it came to Pattinson's scene, it was no longer there. "I'm sitting there going 'ummm...really?' " No one even said anything to him about his part being cut. The Casting Director did indeed felt guilty for his part being cut and offered him a chance to audition for the Harry Potter and Goblet of fire. He landed the room of Cedric Diggory. Rob had a roll in a play , but since he was doing "ramdom mannerism" he got fired before opening night. After being fired he had a difficulty landing roles. He was going to give up and persue music. As he was ready to give give up he landed a role playing Toby Juggs in the movie Haunted Airman. Rob Describes the role as being a "weirdo." He then played two more "weirdo's" back-to-back. First he got a role on a movie called Little Ashes playing as Salvador Dali where he is gay and having an affair with a famous Painter. Next he starrs in a movie called How To Be, he is a young musican trying to get his big chance.

In 2007 Rob dicoverd the casting for Edward Cullen in the movie Twilight. He made a tape but didn't like it and never sent it. Now this is where I say fate happened. He was ment for this role. As Robert Pattinson was playing in bars and being a drunk for a year Director Catherine Hardwicke for Twilgiht has some troble finding the perfect Edward. They interview thousands of actors, singers, and models but could not find a perfect match. She then had her assistant look on the website IMDb and get every britsh actor from the age "15 to 25." She ran through pictures and found or belove Robert Pattinson. She called Rob's agent and got him to fly to Hollowood on his own expense and he slept on her couch, and then audition in her bedrom on her bed with Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan). She just knew he was the one. Many Twilight fans didn't like Robert Pattinson and the way he looked at the time. Alot of people signed petitions and tried to get them to change the actor to someone like Zac Efron (sorry but eww). Hardwicke said she can make him beautiful and I must say thank you and you did! Rob is now considered the most sexiest man alive.

Vanity Fair goes on about his life now and how he gets along with his cast mates. Even about his realtionship with co-star Kristen Stewat. When asked about rumors he states "it doesn't make any difference what you say." As many of us know they are reports of them having "secret dates" Rob says "I've literally been across the country [from Kristen] and it's like where? I can't get out of my hotel room." Do we still think so? we the world does Rob, but I really do not care if you are or not. I just love you!

Rob explains how he thinks Kristen is a good friend. That "she is the best young actress around." I think we can safely say that Rob is very close to her and they have something that we certainly do not understand. I say good for them!

Vanity Fair for December issie is now out! Get your copy soon and read the entire spread of Robert Patitnson and the Hott Pictures

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