Sunday, December 6, 2009

Chris Weitz


Rumor has it that Summit wants Chris Weitz to Direct Breaking Dawn. Right now Summit is in the works of getting it up and running. Problems are the stars of the Twilgiht films, Pattinson, Stewart, and Lautner are asking for more money and undecided if Breaking Dawn should be two movies or just one. If it does pick up as two then one will be realsed in 2011 the other in 2012. Long time yes? Well we still have Eclipse to look foward to on the Twilight Saga, but also we have Remember Me for all the Robert Pattinson fans, Valentines Day for the Taylor Lautner, and The Runnaways for the Kristen Stewart Fans. Breaking Dawn is still unkown if it will become a movie, but we hope if it does they really bring Chris Weitz back as Director. He did wonderful and an amazing job for New Moon. Lets pray and cross our finger for Chris Weitz!!!

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