Monday, December 28, 2009

Robert Pattinson is #2 on Extra's Sex Symbol of Decade list

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Robert Pattinson, the star of The Twilight Saga: New Moon has been making all sorts of lists as the end of 2009 is 4 days away. Pattinson has made Extra's Sex Symbols of the Decade list. The Twilight star comes in at #2 on the list. See who else made the list here.

Sugarscape has named Robert Pattinson Man of the Year 2009. They say of Pattinson: "

"When the Twilight frenzy swept us all off our feets, we couldn't help but stare endlessly at photos of Rob for days on end, or watch any video footage we could get hold of to hear his voice...Okay, so we may be a tad obsessed, but it's a healthy obsession - right?!" You can view the photographs compiled of Pattinson here.

here is the list

1.Britney Spears
2.Robert Pattinson
4.Zac Efron
5.George Clooney
6.Kim Kardashian
7.Heath Ledger
8.Jennifer Aniston
9.Justin Timberlake
10.Angelina Jolie
11.Tom Brady
12.Megan Fox
13.Gerard Butler
14.Demi Moore
15Patrick Dempsy.
16.Bradly Cooper
17.Hugh Laurie
18.Jessica Simpson
19.Michael Phelps
20.Hugh Jackman
21.Matthew Fox
22.Hedi Klum
23.Anderson Cooper
24.Scarlett Johansson
25. Robert Downey Jr

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