Monday, December 7, 2009

Stop Stealing From Burger King


Okay Twi-hards I have to say...Stop Stealing from Burger King!!!! (LMAO) Yes, TMZ reported that some Burger Kings have been robbed of their Edward and Jacob Cut outs. As Funny as that may seem this is serious. We Twi-hards should not be stealing anything. How else are our favorite actors and movie makers going to recieve the money to make more movies for them? We should show some class and be respectful. If you didn't know (thats hard to believe) they do sale cut outs and window stickers in stores and online for you to buy and can be find very cheap depending where you go. These places are effected at Maine, Delaware and Montana. I do not want to see it anywhere else and I don't want to hear more at these locations. Twi-hards be faithful to our Twilight Stars and friends. We should not dissapoint them again.

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