Monday, December 7, 2009

Thinking of Rob

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Millions of fans the world over have seen Robert Pattinson grow, over the course of two ‘record’ money spinning big screen franchises, from a ‘boy next door’ to the reigning Hollywood teen icon!

And even though his fans would readily testify to his overnight fame and acclaim, they also can’t help but acknowledge the fact that their fave ‘teen idol’ has not been able to escape all the overheads that come with overnight stardom!

Wonder what ‘overheads’ we are referring to?

Well, its obvious folks!…The constant craving for attention and obsessive hounding by the gossip folks and media people alike and the kind of Beattlelike mobbing that he has been known to witness off late!

Yeah folks!…You got it!….The flip side of fame!

Perhaps out of sheer distaste for the way he’s been mobbed off late, Rob’s fans has reportedly taken a call to keep him away from the vultures (read: the papz!)

Wonder how?

Well, it would appear that a number of his fan sites have collectively planned a collaborative initiative and has called for an immediate end to all media snaps of the ‘Twilight’ actor.

They have already coined a dedicated web space for Rob titled ‘Thinking of Rob’ and have posted statements demanding that his privacy be respected.

.Says a post from ‘Thinking of Rob’, “We want the paps to know that we don’t want to see pics. Stop invading his private life. Enough is enough. Because no person deserves this, celebrity our not. There are limits and you have gone too far. He doesn’t want this, neither do we!”

Well, we say that papz or no papz….Rob is indeed lucky to have such fans that are keen to do their bit to keep him out of harm’s way

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okay fans of rob, all this crap with tweeting where he is so that u can see him or something is all part of reasons pappzz hounding him. would u like it?

thanks to Thinking of Rob for letting me post this!

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