Thursday, March 25, 2010

Would You Do...Rob in a Period Piece?



We know you would all do Edward Cullen. And those who actually saw the flick would still totally do Remember Me's Tyler Hawkins, right?

But what do you think of Robert Pattinson's newest onscreen alter ego: Georges Duroy?

Sexy enough name, huh?

Über-sleuthy shutterbugs snapped a photo of a very dressed-up Rob strutting his stuff on the European set of his next film, Bel Ami.

With his usually rugged hair slicked back, a set of killer sideburns and a wardrobe done to the gentlemanly nines, how does Rob's Georges stack up against everyone's favorite vamp?

Obviously, we'd totally pick Edward any day, but we have to say Rob is looking like quite the hottie—you know, in that superclassy, sexy kind of way.

And Bel Ami looks like it could finally show off a skankier side of Rob as well, which totally works for us after all those chasteass Twilight teases.

The film's story focuses on an ex-soldier who climbs his way up the Parisian social ladder by humping, and then dumping, a series of successful women (Uma Thurman, Kristen Scott Thomas and Christina Ricci). While the tween hearts may beat only for R.Pattz's fanged hero, Bel Ami allows a wider range of more mature ladies to drool over the strapping stud.

That loud crunch you just heard was the combined effect of every Twi mom in America crushing her mouse in frenzied anticipation.

We hate to jump the gun, but Bel Ami could be just the hit Rob needs to rocket his career, since Remember Me doesn't quite seem to be doing the trick. Sure, Twilight made R.Pattz a household name, but it hasn't allowed the brooding beau to show off his acting chops—that we know he has.

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