Thursday, April 1, 2010

Robert Pattinson is more influential than President Barack Obama on Time Magazine Poll (details)



April 1, 2010 -- The Time Magazine poll was released today for the public to vote on the 100 most influential individuals in America. Giving 200 choices, there appears to be an overwhelming influence of Hollywood to pick from. While it is only the beginning hours of the poll, it appears that entertainment and celebrity status trumps any leadership qualities, at least for now.

According to the preliminary findings of the poll, America is finding that Robert Pattinson and Conan O'Brien is more influential than President Barack Obama. There are only preliminary votes with approximately 5,000 votes counted, but this small sampling is quite amazing.

Rank Name Avg. Rating Total Votes
1 Dana White 90 3357
2 Robert Pattinson 74 1455
3 Conan O'Brien 94 871
4 Barack Obama 78 421
5 Lady Gaga 43 690

As the competition warms, up so does the fan base of the celebrities. Robert Pattinson and Conan O'Brien columnists and bloggers are engaging by asking fans to immediately vote on the poll. Pushing their followers to do what they can to make sure the celebrities get their names on the top 100, there isn't any doubt that the top 5 right now will definitely be in the top 25 after the polls close.

Take a look at the 200 individuals and pick out your influential individuals and vote. The Time Magazine poll is open to everyone.


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