Thursday, April 15, 2010

'The Twilight Saga' books are on the 'challenged' book list released by the ALA for being too sexual



‘The Twilight Saga’ movies are based off of the bestselling books by Stephenie Meyer and once again they are under attack. The American Library Association has released its annual report of “challenged” books and the ‘Twilight’ books have been ranked at number 5.

The Associated Press states that the books have been criticized for sexual content; and a library association official also thinks that the "Twilight" series reflects general unease about supernatural stories. The ALA defines a challenge as a "formal, written complaint filed with a library or school requesting that materials be removed because of content or appropriateness."

These challenges generally come from parents and teachers who are dissatisfied by the books being in schools. First, I have to say, what books are they reading? Sexual content? Are you joking? Most people complain because the books are too chaste, as are the movies. But that is the beauty of the love story in ‘Twilight’- it’s more about soulmates and true love and less about sex. Even the honeymoon scene in ‘Breaking Dawn’ is a barely there moment and so I don’t understand the complaints in regards to sexual content.

The Supernatural complaints are understandable on a base level, especially seeing how crazy some young people get over the ‘Twilight’ books; asking people to bite them and hoping to meet a stalkerish vampire or werewolf. But really how many books contain such themes? And at least the books are written in English, if you have ever read any Captain Underpants or Junie B. Jones books, you will know that they are a greater risk to young readers.

The challenges are unlikely to stop students from reading the books and will not stop fans from seeing the movie. If anything this is just more free press for Stephanie Meyer, ‘Twilight’ and the upcoming ‘Eclipse’ movie.

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