Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Hunted – Twilight Eclipse featurette


Because so many Twihards are counting the days until Twilight Saga: Eclipse finally claws its way into theaters and IMAX on June 30th (we’re just 7 days away people), BSC is dedicated to sating your thirst with more coverage than you can shake a wolf’s tail at. E! has introduced another from the third Twilight Saga movie. We watched this one over the weekend, and boy did we enjoy it. It had it all, including Newborns explained, and today’s feature is not much different.

The only thing more exciting than watching fight sequences direct from the film AND seeing the raw footage of actors standing in front of cameras delivering their lines to wolves that aren’t really there, is hearing first hand accounts from the beloved cast talking about their roles and what this exciting chapter has got to offer. If you don’t agree with me, then I’ll bet this will get you salivating. Team Jasper? Team Emmett? Team Carlisle? If you said yes to any or all three, then start drooling because you’re about to see the Cullen men show off their mad fighting skills more than ever before. Okay, okay, so we would never leave out Team Jacob. Can you say attitude? Jacob’s got it in Eclipse. For good reason, right?

Don’t worry, Eclipse isn’t just about epic battles. There’s plenty of romance as evident from another passionate clip we also reported on this weekend. BSC also delivered a couple of TV teasers recently. There was one highlighting the infamous love triangle, one just for Team Edward folks, and we even have a clip focused on the baddies of Eclipse



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