Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rob's 'Remember Me' Co-Stars Find Him Hilarious


Don’t let the serious façade fool you — according to his onscreen BFF Tate Ellington, Rob Pattinson is a barrel of laughs!

When you think Robert Pattinson, you think of his dark and brooding Twilight Saga character, Edward Cullen. You don’t think: ‘Hey, R-Patz could totes be the next Russell Brand.’ But guess what? According to his Remember Me co-star Tate Ellington, Rob has all the makings of a seriously hilarious stand-up comic!

“He’d be a great [comedic actor],” the star, who played Rob’s BFF Aidan Hall in the film, which is released on DVD today, June 22, told exclusively during a phone chat June 21. “He would say these great and wonderful things that make you go ‘What?’ He would just crack you up the whole time. All the time, on set, he was always smiling. I think he’s hilarious. He could do straight-up comedy.”

In fact, Robert, 24, was SUCH a jokester that Tate thought his pal was kidding when he got hit by a cab for real while filming in NYC. The actor was at lunch when he one of the Remember Me producers got a text reading, ‘Rob has just been hit by a cab.’ “We were in the middle of soup thinking, ‘Oh God, what are we going to do?’ Tate recalls. “But it turned out that he was great, he’s fine – thank God! We were all terrified for a good half hour, but he did show back up [on set]. It felt like a practical joke, but it turned out to be real.”

Also real was the British hunk’s chemistry with leading lady Emile de Ravin. But although they were close on-set and off, Tate says that they were NOT dating (good news for all you K-Stew fans!).

“They pretty much laughed off [the hook-up rumors],” Tate tells us. “There was one day where Emile kept on getting texts about it and she was just all like ‘Oh, good lord!’ Their chemistry on and off was great. They definitely worked a lot and took it seriously to do a good job at presenting themselves as a couple.”

Tate is still close to both his co-stars. “I shot Emile a message the other day after the Lost finale. I was like ‘Thanks a lot for making me cry, you were great.’” He added, “I’ll shoot [Rob] a message every now and then when big events are coming up. When New Moon was coming out, I shot him a message saying, ‘Hang in there, best of luck, hope things won’t get too nuts.’”

Good luck with that, Tate. Do you KNOW how crazy Rob’s life is about to get when the Twilight Saga: Eclipse premieres June 30?


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