Sunday, June 6, 2010

MTV Movie Awards Host Aziz Ansari Says Yes to Twlight, No to Harry Potter



MTV Movie Awards host Aziz Ansari hearts Twilight. However, he admits he hasn't been a fan for that long…

"You know, I had never seen the movies, but I watched them as soon as they asked me to host," says Ansari, who plays Tom Haverford on NBC's Parks and Recreation. "They are fun movies. Yeah, I'm into it."

He's also into meeting Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner at the awards on Sunday. "Oh, my god! I'm so excited," Ansari said. "But I heard each of them has like 50 bodyguards so I won't even be able to see them."

And diehard Twilight fans will be pleased to hear that Ansari hasn't bothered taking a look at the Harry Potter movies. "I was going to try watching them because I've never seen them before but there's like seven movies," he said in mock horror. "I don't want to watch seven movies. That's too many."

Ansari is also looking forward to saying hello to Tom Cruise. "I haven't worked with him since Cocktail," he cracked. "I was a little brown baby that was in the background of one of the scenes. Me and Tom haven't seen each other since then. I was an infant then. It would be cool to catch up."

Meanwhile, Chef John DeLucie of New York's Waverly Inn and The Lion restaurants gave a taste of what guests will be feasting on at the show's V.I.P. afterparty, including sliders, mac 'n' cheese and shortribs. But what am I looking forward to the most? Desserts like chocolate bacon cupcakes, cheesecake in a jar and mouse shooters!


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