Sunday, June 6, 2010

'Twilight's' Robert Pattinson's guide to the 'MTV Movie Awards'


When Zap2it was invited to preview the "MTV Movie Awards," we knew what we really had to do. We had to make sure we scoped the place out for one of our favorite stars, "The Twilight Saga's" Robert Pattinson, who is nominated for best male performance and best global superstar.

After all, everything R-Patz comes across during the event has to be up to not only his very high standards, but his fans standards, as well. We take that responsibility very seriously.

Our behind the scenes trip started with host Aziz Ansari, who is a major R-Patz fan. He gave us some insight as to what the star's security detail would be like and the Robert Pattinson souvenir he would like to take home from the awards. (Hint: It's a signature item and rhymes with fair.)

We were then given a preview of the celebrity gift bags and we made sure that there were some items that R-Patz would enjoy. We wanted to deliver some items to him personally, but MTV wouldn't let us walk away with any of them. Sorry, Robert!

And of course, we also had to make sure that Robert would like the food served. We can't have Robert go hungry! So we wandered into the MTV Awards kitchen and spoke to the event's celebrity chef, John DeLucie, who planned all the meals for the after party. The man behind the New York eateries, The Lion and The Waverly Inn, gave us a taste of the macaroni and cheese with black truffle dish, so that we can make sure it was "Twilight" star worthy.

And finally, we scoped out Robert's seat for the awards. We wanted to make sure he would like who he was sitting next to, didn't have too bad of a walk when he accepted his awards and that his view of the stage was perfect (although MTV asked us not to shoot it).

So there you have it, Robert Pattinson, we scouted the "MTV Movie Awards" just for you and Zap2it thinks it's R-Patz approved. Now, you just bring the razzle-dazzle.


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