Saturday, June 12, 2010

Robert Pattinson Taylor Lautner & Kristen Stewart at the LA Twilight Eclipse Convention 6/12/10


@letmesigndotcom - It looks like almost a full house. The energy level is amazing in here. #TwiTour

@RobPattzNews - This is torture.. They just told us there's a delay "don't leave" like anyone is moving an inch #TwiTourLA

@IceAngel34 - Rob Kristen and Taylor are not on stage!

@IceAngel34 - People starting we want Rob chant

@TwilightLexicon - The camera guy is leading the crowd @twi_tour in the wave.

@tinkrbe1l3 - We're doing the wave. I can't move. How r ppl moving?

@TwiExaminer: #twitour Rob, Kristen, and Taylor aren't here, will be arriving in 20 minutes.

@letmesigndotcom - Rob, Taylor, and Kristen are here! Let the show begin! #TwiTour

@TwiExaminer - #twitour Rob, Kristen, and Taylor are here!

@letmesigndotcom - Rob taylor and kristen!

@twilighterz: Rob jokes, "So you're all big Harry Potter fans?

@twilighterz Funniest moment on Eclipse set? Rob says Tay was wearing little gray spandex and made him feel much better about himself

@letmesigndotcom - Rob "taylor fequently out man's me"

@infektion Some girls just chanted I need you rob he looked horrified

@wilighterz - Rob says he feels like he's gone insane. Says he loves that Edward is humble

@LittleLauren - Rob is heckling the crowd for interrupting his answers. Cast is slightly getting frustrated.

@TwilightLexicon - Rob says he's been awake too long and is in a very strange mood and can't answer questions well.

@infektion Rob said he's in a weird mood and just did a strange accent. Said he's been up all night

@twilighterz - Rob and Taylor are bantering back and forth a lot. Very funny. They seem a lot more comfortable together than they used to be

@letmesigndotcom - Rob says Taylor has "hot" nipples.....

@LittleLauren: Rob in a dark blue blazer, tan button down and black pants.

@letter2twilight - Better close up of them. Look at those outfits! Fierce

@HisGoldenEyes - New moon is Kristen and Rob's favorite book and Taylor's is Eclipse.

@TwiExaminer - #twitour Most looking fwd to in BD; R- "don't u sleep with a baby in it?" to T. "I can't wait for the day." T says "don't u sleep with her in it?" R:laughs... R:"yeah, I mean, I just love babies"

@dazzle715 - Love Rob told the crowd to shut up ha ha ha

@TwilightLexicon - Taylor says to Rob, "Don't you sleep with her (pointing to KStew) in it?"

@HisGoldenEyes: Rob is most looking forward to filming the "Scene with the baby in it."

@twilighterz: Someone screamed to rob to say "nachos". Kristen agreed so Rob whispered it LOL

@letmesigndotcom - If they made a movie about Rob he would want his son to play him.

@twilighterz: Who would R to play him in a movie about his life? Rob says Taylor jokingly...then says his son. AW

@HisGoldenEyes - A piece of advice that Rob follows is being nice to everyone when everythings going right that way theyll b nice when things are going wrong

@TwilightLexicon - Advice from Robs dad is to be nice to everyone now when you have success because you will need help when you are down.

@twilighterz - Fav movie to shoot? K: Twilight; T: Eclipse; R: Twilight

@RobPattzNews - Rob is saving something his dad told him as advice for show he's taping tomorrow.. When guy yelled "rob I love you".. Rob said "cool"

@TwilightLexicon - It took Rob a while to feel the energy and really "get" what fans felt for Twilight.

@twilighterz - Some dude screamed "I love you Rob" and everyone cracked up. Then Rob goes "what happened?"

@twilighterz: Rob says his fav movie is the Runaways

@twilighterz: Kristen jokes back and says Remember Me is her fav movie

@KalebNation Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson at @twi_tour

@twilighterz - Question they're most tired of answering? K: "what's it like to kiss a vampire" R: "how do you feel about being typecast?"

@LittleLauren Rob is flustered at the most overused questions. Crowd keeps shouting out things...YOU get the picture

@LittleLauren - Pranks on set? ALWAYS ASKED! Rob said he jokes and says he throws up on everyone.

@TwiExaminer - #twitour rob wanted to use kungfu pants in eclipse but got shut down

@twilighterz - Rob says the eclipse fight training scenes were exhausting

@LittleLauren - Rob says all the I love yous being shouted out is like being at home and his family saying all that, plus "SHUT UP!!". LOL

@HisGoldenEyes - People keep screaming. Rob: "This sounds like my house.

@TwiExaminer #twitour most exhausting day on eclipse set: R-"Practicing fighting to fight the other vampires.."

@twilighterz Most important lesson learned from twi experience? R: people in the world desperately want to keep romance alive.

@IceAngel34 Rob talks about how people want to keep real romance alive, K makes fun of him, he smacks her & tells her to shut up

@twilighterz Lesson learned? T: stay true to yourself and not let anything change who you are. Says R and K haven't changed at all

@KalebNation: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson at @twi_tour LA (more at soon!)

@letmesigndotcom: Rob, Taylor, and Kristen have left the building!


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