Saturday, June 12, 2010

Stephenie Meyer doing 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' press with 'Twilight' fansites


Stephenie Meyer has updated her website blog to talk about her plans for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse promotions, and she has let us know that while she may have done the press junket circuit for Twilight and Oprah for New Moon, she's got bigger (and arguably better) plans for Eclipse.

Hey guys,

I want to do something different with publicity for this movie release. For Twilight, I did the normal press junket, for New Moon I got to go on Oprah. Both of these were fun, exciting experiences. However, they both had the same drawback—the interviews were designed for a very broad audience, and because of that, most of the questions were about things you guys have known the answers to for years. I feel like all of the basic questions have been answered, and for Eclipse I want to focus on the more specific questions of the readers. To accomplish that, I'm hosting my own mini-junket with a few fansites. It will be held on Friday, June 18th, the week before the L.A. premiere.

Unfortunately, I can't talk to every single site, and I want to keep this as low key and enjoyable as possible. So I put all the U.S. fansites in a hat (for logistical reasons, we had to keep this in the country) and drew out four names.

The four sites chosen were Twilight Series Theories, TwiFans, Twilight Source, and Letters to Twilight . . . . How lucky is that?


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