Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ian Somerhalder Battles Robert Pattinson And Britney Stops By 'Glee' In Today's Tweet Dreams


Entertainment Weekly has been asking its readers to make a nearly impossible decision and pick who is the "Ultimate Sexy Beast": Robert Pattinson or Ian Somerhalder? When last we checked, Robert's Edward Cullen and Ian's Damon Salvatore were neck and neck (get it?) with R-Pattz holding a slight 51 percent lead. Still, Ian (pictured here with his sexy undead rival) doesn't foresee a victory (voting is still open for another three days), tweeting to fans, "That Pattinson guy will end up kicking my butt, however thanks for taking the time, that's really cool:)"

Speaking of two people we love, Britney Spears and John Stamos both started filming their guest stints on "Glee" today! Britney (who will have an entire episode featuring her songs) wrote, "About to do my first shot of the day for Glee tweeties! Here we goooo! - Britney" and John also reported, "off to first day at GLEE- i'll get back to you end of day." We're not sure how much longer we can wait!


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