Thursday, August 5, 2010

Robert Pattinson’s “Water for Elephants” Sons Got Cast

According to local Chattanooga station WTVC, Robert Pattinson and the crew of “Water for Elephants” (which is set for release April 15, 2011) have wrapped their shooting in the Tennessee town. Fortunately, one Chattanooga family has memories — and hopefully a nice paycheck — that will last a lost longer.

Sonya Gonzales and her sons Mason, 7, and Liam, 5, had a special day last Friday when Mason and Liam got to shoot a scene in the film as the sons of Rob’s character, Jacob. According to Sonya, the casting agents hadn’t realized the two boys were related when they were cast.

The scene they filmed is part of the ending, so director Francis Lawrence (who tweeted yesterday, “We have wrapped Jacob!”) told Sonya that her sons were likely to make it into the final product. Mason, at least, definitely seemed to hope so. “We had to keep doing the same scene over and over again so they could see which one they liked better,” he told WTVC.

Mason and Liam spent their day of shooting on set at a local Chickamauga farm. They were dressed in overalls and a shirt with short sleeves and two buttons (some variation of a polo, maybe?) and, in Mason’s words, “all these different colors on it.”

In addition to their day on set, Sonya and her sons were invited to a cast party on Saturday night, where Sonya was able to spend some time with Rob. “He was so sweet and really nice and let me take a picture,” she said. If she wasn’t already a RPattz fan, she’s sure to be now, and at least she can brag that the “Twilight Saga” star was the father of her babies in this way.

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