Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Robert Pattinson Named To Esquire's 'Celebrity Style Hall Of Shame': Do You Agree?


It's safe to assume that a good portion of Robert Pattinson's fans have never noticed what he's wearing, ever, considering his clothes take a backseat to his charismatic smile and rugged sex appeal. Esquire, however, is not one of those fans, having named the "Twilight" star to their worst-dressed list—the 2010 Celebrity Style Hall of Shame. The mens mag offers Rob several suggestions for improving his style, including basics like showering and tucking in his shirt.

RPattz has been criticized for his hygiene habits in the past, but his larger-than-life fame may not have escalated to A-list status had he been on the receiving end of regular haircuts and bespoke suits. Part of our favorite vampire's charm is his effortless appearance, and regardless of being named to a fashion hall of shame or rumors about his showering habits (or lack thereof), our attention has always been on his charming manner and perfect bone structure. Who needs to color coordinate when people love you because you don't comb your hair? It's just part of his charm!

Others male celebrities named to the top 10 list make more sense to us; Russell Brand's unwarranted chest flaunting, Ed Westwick's excessive use of accessories and Jared Leto's tendency to get dressed in the dark are all reasonable critiques.


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