Thursday, December 30, 2010

Robert Pattinson: The Ultimate Smolder Mash-Up

Yesterday, we marveled at Robert Pattinson's 10 most smoldering looks from the "Water for Elephants" trailer, but in truth, Robert has been smoldering for years. From "Twilight" to "Remember Me," the actor has perfected the art of the longing gaze and the contemplative stare. Which got my creative colleagues at MTV thinking: What would an entire trailer comprised purely of RPattz's most smoldery moments look like? Feast your eyes on the delicious results:

Now, picking my favorite snippet was a tough one. I mean, there's just so much goodness to choose from. But after reviewing the tape several times, I'm going to go with the quick cut at the 14-second mark when Robert's "Remember Me" character Tyler casts his gaze upon Emilie de Ravin's Ally. There's something at once creepy yet kind of hot about the clandestine moment. Maybe it just makes me wish I was back in college and had Robert Pattinson staring at me during a boring lecture—something that definitely would have made it easier to stay awake during my 8 a.m. calculus class.


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