Friday, March 5, 2010



I was standing in line for 5 hours at the mall with more than a thousand other screaming crazed fans of Robert Pattinson and Twilight Stars. I was only there to see and meet Rob. As the line moved one person at a time, the cookies I made him are getting stale by the hour. "Every Step I take is closer to Rob," I kept saying to myself. Finally I can see him. About 12 people away I can see him smile showing his white teeth at the fan in front of him. She hands him a poster he lays it flat and scribbles his name. He looks up at her and he nods as he brings up his right hand to sweep the hair away from his face. The Blue button up shirt he had on was bringing out his eyes. He had the top two buttons undone and showing part of his chest. All I can think about is how I wish I can lick his chest up and down.

Now he is 6 people away and I'm getting nervous. What am I going to say? Will he answer me right then? As if I wasn’t nervous enough he licked his lips as he scribbles his name again this time on a magazine cover of Vanity Fair. That’s when my knees almost gave out. I stood up straight and took one step closer to him. 5 people away and now I can hear his voice. He giggles and the fan in front of him said something I didn't hear. As he speaks to her I watch his adams apple move up and down. I then realize that there is moisture on my panties. "Great!" I think to myself. I can’t deny that just watching him is a turn on. I hope he don’t notice me getting too excited already. 4 people away and I can't seem to calm myself down. My heart is beating so fast that it’s pulsating my eyes. "Calm down" I say to myself. Then the next person leaves. 3 People away and I can really hear him and see him smile while laughing. "Hi" said rob "hello I’m so glad I met u I’m a huge fan and I love u" said the fan. Rob replied "thank you so much" he takes her book and asks her
name. "Sara" she said Rob looked down and u can see his long lashes hiding his eyes. He scribbles something a little longer then the last few fans. His Jaw line is so
prominent when he hasn’t shaved for a day or two. His long neck exposed and his hair falls on his face like a perfect angel. I then notice that my nipples are erect and I didn’t bring a jacket. My nipples popping out my blue V-neck shirt. I bring the cookies closer to my face so my arms can hide them. Rob then closes the book looks up and smiles while handing her back her book. "Here ya go" Rob says. She then grabs the book and says "thank you so much" Rob replies "your welcome" he brings his right arm up and runs his long fingers through his hair. The Long pinky finger of his stopping just above his fore head. Sara then turns and leaves while smiling so big. 2 people away now and I can't remember to breath. "Hi" Rob says to the next fan "Hello Rob, this is like a dream come true for me. I am such a huge fan; I have seen all your movies! I just love you!" the fan said. "Wow hahaha thanks" Rob replied. Then the fan gives him a book of New Moon. Rob grabs the book sets it on the table then reaches to the left for his water bottle. He takes a gulp and I stare at his lips sucking on that water bottle. Wishing it was me he was sucking on. He then sets it down on the table and asks "What is your name?" The fan Replies "Erica" he then says "Erica how do u spell that?" she laughs and says "E-R-I-C-A" Rob then giggles and says "sorry" Erica then says "its fine anything for you" Rob jots something down quickly and hands her back the book. I step up to him and set the cookies down. Rob sits up and says "Is this for me?" I replied "um yes they are. I made them myself but if you don’t accept them I would understand" Just then he reaches over the table grabs a chocolate chip cookie and eats it. "Wow soft and chewy, this is really good" Rob said. "Really? Here they are all yours" I said. Rob then takes the platter and sets it next to his water. "Thanks" Rob said. I replied "You’re welcome." I handed him a copy of Details Magazine and a small poster from a Pop Magazine. He grabbed them and scribbled his name on the poster and then looked at the Details Magazine and smiled. I looked at him studied every move every feature on him. When he smiled his eyes looked like upside down half moons. His lips plump and his teeth glistening and his tongue moving as he talked. He looked at me with those blue beautiful eyes, smiled and said "I remember this photo shoot". "Really? Did you like it?" I said.


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