Friday, March 5, 2010

Robert Pattinson: Another hunk in making?

Robert Pattinson is the newest heartthrob, he is young, has played the teenage vampire Edward Cullen in Twilight series with ease and said he would love to continue playing that role. However, he did voice his concern that he might not be able to look like a teenage anymore. It seems he was right, if Kellan Lutz is to be believed.

This Twilight Saga co-star of Robs was at the Cosmo’s Fun Fearless Males party at NYC was heard talking about his two well known fans, Rob and Peter Facinelli. At the red carpet he spoke about his exercise regime to the New York Daily News – Gatecrashers and said RPatz wants “man-boobs like me”.

Last year Lutz revealed that he is helping the 23 year old Brit to bulk up by drinking protein shakes. At the red-carpet he also said that Robert is a brilliant actor and wishes he could do what Pattinson does. Kellan is teaming up with Rob and other Twilight co-stars for the next installment of Twilight Saga: Eclipse, scheduled for a June 30th release


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