Friday, May 28, 2010

Decoding Robert Pattinson's Self-Portrait



If you'd like to own a one-of-a-kind piece of Twilight memorabilia, now's your chance -- eBay is auctioning off an original Robert Pattinson sketch for charity. Pattinson, 24, joins a handful of mostly-British celebs who contributed artwork to support PACT (Parents and Abducted Children Together), a charity that fights child abduction and finds missing children. Not only is Pattinson the hottest name on the charity's roster, but he also contributed the most interesting balloon sketch (the balloon being the PACT logo).

The description on the auction claims that the Twilight star's abstract drawing "may just be an original self-portrait" -- which, honestly, seems like a stretch. But as long as everyone is analyzing the drawing anyway, here's what our amateur doodle deduction skills tell us:

- The lines in the balloon are random and frantic, meaning Pattinson has a restless energy. Abstract shapes and jagged angles mean that he may be tense and have difficulty concentrating.
- While other celebs stayed far inside the lines, Pattinson extends to the edge of the balloon with his drawing, even crossing the border. This indicates an oversized ego and a healthy dose of rebelliousness.
- A few shapes inside the balloon resemble eyes; drawing eyes can be a sign of paranoia. (Hmm, why would R-Pattz be paranoid? It's not like he's being watched all the time. Oh, wait...)

Even if the actor isn't trying to communicate the depths of his soul through this sketch, it's still a far cooler piece of memorabilia than a mere autograph -- and it's for a good cause. If you have a bunch of cash burning a hole in your pocket, you can bid here through June 5.


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