Friday, May 28, 2010

Robert Pattinson to Brad Pitt: Why Are They So Popular Among Women?



Today, when it comes to winning the hearts and minds of women, nothing compares to Robert Pattinson (24). Though the man from London himself does not know why he is so flavored for women, yet reasoning has little room for diehard women fans of Robert. Professional relationship with intelligent Kristen also adds another dimension to his youthful personality.

.Gerald Butler (40) has swayed the minds of hotties globally like Jennifer Aniston and Priyanka Chopra. Gerald has evolved over time only to become smarter and stronger. It is pure entertainment watching his rugged features and a stress that places him in a Glasgow bistro. His series of link-ups with global actresses makes it still irresistible to ignore him.

Taylor Lautner (18) is bit behind Robert when it comes to popularity measured in Hollywood sense. That does not mean that girls do not like to peep at this twilight star, who is strong with perfect physique and has learned karate since the age of six. Robert was quoted as saying by a popular gossip magazine, “I can take Taylor Lautner in a fight and win, but that would only be in the movies.”

Brad Pitt (46) has swayed the hearts of women now for a long time: That made beautiful Angelina Jolie select him as her life partner. Today, Brad Pitt is a choice for those women who see their partner as someone who has struggled from the scratch, is responsible, and can give them a great reliable company.


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