Friday, May 28, 2010

Edward Cullen Lifelike Silicone Bust

Above is a picture of a silicone bust made to resemble Edward Cullen. And is currently for auction on Ebay -

“This is a RARE life-size 1:1 museum quality, one of a kind, silicone bust of Edward Cullen, played by actor Robert Pattinson in the hit film Twilight, Twilight: New Moon, Eclipse. This is NOT an Edward Cullen doll, this is a full size head. It was custom made by a movie industry FX artist in between jobs. I was going to piece together a full statue. This is an amazing bust that looks entirely real. The soft silicone is real to the touch. The punched hair is amazing, the eyebrows, lashes, hairline are hand inserted. The eyes are industry grade glass eyes. The entire piece is foam filled with a core up the neck so he can be easily mounted on a stand or put together as an historic museum quality statue”

I dont really know what to think of this. It does look pretty lifelike but it also looks a bit creepy and it is missing the golden eyes. What do you guys think of it? Do you think its a good lookalike?

You can view the auction which has a Buy It Now price of $1399 here! 

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Tuane said...

I don't like this...
Edward and Robertb is much more beautiful