Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Leonardo di Caprio Gives Robert Pattinson Career Advice

Thanks to Pattinson Online for sharing an extract of Leonardo di Caprio’s recent interview with Ciak Magazine (Italy) where he is asked if he has any advice for Robert Pattinson. Rob has stated in several interviews that he would like his career to follow the path that Leo’s career has taken so make sure you check out his advice to Rob below.

You have struggled for years to get rid of the reputation of teen idol. Do you have any suggestion for Robert Pattinson? The Twilightmania seems similar to the Titanic one…

RPattz (he pronounces it just like this, like his fans do) just has to keep on working hard. An actor must always be thankful when proposals come, it’s like winning the lottery every time. You must maintain the result, of course, but you must also seize opportunities to grow. But Robert already knows these things.


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