Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Robert Pattinson goes on a bike ride?

Apparently Rob decided, since it was a new city, it would be nice to take the scenic route and bike through the streets. Its not like we haven't seen him ride a bike before (Remember Me) but wouldn't it be interesting to know Robert Pattinson just rode past you on a bike? Hmm.

"Workers at a capital cyclery in Essen Lane confirm that Robert Pattinson, who plays the vampire Edward in the films, visited the store over the weekend and bought a new bike. An employee said Pattinson "wasn't there to be a big celebrity" and that they had received other calls about the visit. "It's getting a bit out of hand", the employee said." - http://http//

He stopped in this past weekend, showing once again he isn't about the hype.

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