Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Robert Pattinson in CUT Magazine Japan

Inter­viewer: Do you believe in the exis­tence of a per­son like Edward?

Rob: Yes. I don’t remem­ber who’s remark it was but it goes like, there must be a heaven and soul exists because oth­er­wise there are too many good souls that haven’t been treated well enough on the earth. I like the phrase; it may sound odd.

Inter­viewer: Do you have a fear that you will always be com­pared with Edward Cullen?

Rob:Well, I don’t know. But in my the­ory, if there is a sud­den pop­u­lar­ity, it will fade soon. I am hop­ing that will not hap­pen in this fran­chise, but I don’t know; it might be true.

Inter­viewer: How do you guys pre­pare for the scenes of you and Kristin? Do you rehearse together or you go ahead and do your own acts?

Rob: I am the one who want to ana­lyze into depth even though I don’t give in at all. In the other hand, Kristin has a sense, she can feel it nat­u­rally. I can’t be con­fi­dent when I don’t under­stand why he does it his way; it doesn’t go like that when I act dif­fer­ent role. It has been just like that from the first Twi­light movie, for Edward I think I want to learn him more.


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